Franklin & Marshall College Licensing and Trademarks

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Over the years, the symbols, icons, and trademarks of Franklin & Marshall College have come to represent the passion of our alumni, fans, students and student-athletes.  To ensure that these marks and images are used properly, the College established a trademark licensing program in 2013.

Franklin & Marshall College requires any individual, business, organization or entity that is not part of the incorporated administrative structure of Franklin & Marshall College (external entities) that wishes to use the marks, logos or symbols of Franklin & Marshall on manufactured goods to seek approval before manufacture and to obtain a license. 

The College's marks include the word marks and associated symbols and logos for "Franklin & Marshall College," "Franklin & Marshall," "Franklin and Marshall College," "Franklin and Marshall," "F&M," "Diplomats," "Franklin & Marshall College Poll," "Franklin and Marshall College Poll," and "F&Mily," as well as the College's official seal depicting the profiles of Ben Franklin and John Marshall. 

Any individual or company that wishes to receive Franklin & Marshall College's express permission to use any of these trademarks/logos on products or services sold or otherwise distributed in the marketplace requires a license issued by the College.

The F&M trademark licensing program strives to promote, enhance and elevate the image of the College by authorizing the use of our marks on high-quality, socially-responsible and tasteful merchandise and apparel.  

This policy applies to for-profit companies, apparel manufacturers, alumni groups, parent groups and affinity groups that would like to produce goods using the College's marks for any form of distribution, whether or not for sale or re-sale. This policy also applies to College administrative or academic units and student groups that would like to produce goods.

F&M has contracted with CLC to help manage the licensing program. CLC acts as an intermediary for F&M, enabling it to work directly with manufacturers and retailers. This ensures that decisions can be made promptly and that manufacturers can become licensed with the College in a timely manner. 

Obtaining Approval

For goods/products governed by this policy, Learfield reviews all new or revised requests for use of the Franklin & Marshall College name, marks or logos. The licensing company retains an image database of previously approved uses (as developed by the College), including for most apparel and sports equipment, to streamline the approval process for requested products that bear the standard logo and marks. The College encourages creativity in use of the College's marks, but vendors must submit new or revised uses to Learfield for review and approval to ensure proper use, quality graphics and appropriate consideration of issues relating to intellectual property and liability.

Any person, organization or corporation wishing to manufacture a product bearing or containing any of the marks of the College, or to provide a service that will use the marks, must enter into a licensing agreement that authorizes such use. Examples of products include giveaways, apparel, uniforms, sports equipment, etc.

Use of the College's name or marks other than on institutional materials and publications is prohibited without prior authorization. All federal and state laws pertaining to trademark and patent infringement apply.

Vendor Selection

Only officially licensed, approved vendors (licensees) may produce items bearing the College’s trademarks or name. Those wishing to become licensed can view the process here.  Along with a completed application, vendors will be required to submit product samples, proof of insurance, and a nominal fee.  All vendor questions regarding the application and approval process should be directed to Learfield.

Click here to view a list of approved vendors.

In addition to the application and license renewal processes, Learfield manages royalty reporting, artwork approvals, enforcement, promotions and general administration of the College's licensees.

Once a vendor is licensed, they can access current, accurate F&M logos and marks from Logos On Demand, Learfield's web based artwork database. Product designs must be submitted into Logos On Demand for review and approval prior to being produced.  Items bearing F&M's trademarks without a license may be considered "counterfeit" and subject to all available legal remedies, including seizure of the items.  Additionally, licensed vendors who fail to submit designs for pre-production approval may have their license revoked.

Designs and registered marks

All designs appearing on licensed goods are reviewed by the College's licensing agency, Learfield. These designs are submitted to the agency by the approved licensee (vendor). All Franklin & Marshall College marks and logos must appear on the licensed goods bearing the appropriate "registered" or "trademark" symbol.