Mayser Gymnasium

Virtual Tour | History of Mayser

In the summer of 2019, work began to breathe new life into F&M's historic gym. A modern telescoping bleacher system with an electrical power-operated steel frame was installed to replace the wooden seating. 


A fresh coat of paint brightened up the walls. New championship and individual accolade banners were installed to highlight the contemporary look of the space. The main entrance lobby of the building through the Williamson Parking Lot entrance features graphics of the all-time great volleyball, wrestling, men's and women's basketball players who imprinted their legacy on the Mayser floor.  


A pair of 6-feet-by-10-feet, state-of-the-art Daktronics scoreboards with electronic captions are replacing the outdated units that had proudly displayed so many Diplomat wins, while new game-clock/shot-clock timers were hung above each basket.